Martes, Setyembre 24, 2013

Four Types of Third Party Logistics Providers

Third party logistics are becoming a very significant part of today’s supply chain. It grows even bigger with a wide range of services that it offers. Third party logistics companies are becoming more significant today due to the increasingly tighter competition. The services that are provided by a 3PL can be modified or scaled according to the market conditions. It may also vary according to the demands of your customers. A third party logistics company can help you improve your productivity. The amazing thing about it is that is results to productivity without having too own much assets.

If you are thinking about partnering with a 3PL, you have to be very careful about the type of 3PL provider that you will choose.  It is very important that have a clear understanding of the companies’ needs and plans. You also have to know the different types of 3PL providers that include standard 3PL providers, service developers 3PL, customer adapters 3PL and customer developers.

1. Standard 3PL Provider
This kind of provider performs basic logistics but do not practice 3PL as a core function. It does warehousing, picking, packing and distribution. It is the type that you should turn to if you are in need of innovative approaches to the logistics functions.
2. Service Developers 3PL
Service Developers offers customer logistics support of a standard 3PL along with added infrastructure and management. Service developers 3PL are based on a solid IT infrastructure.  They do tracking, cross docking, packing and unique security systems.
3. Customer Adapters 3PL
Customer adapters can provide complete control over the overall logistics activity in your company. It inherits the logistical operation of your company because it does not create its own.
4. Customer Developers
Just like the customer adapter, the customer developer takes over the logistics of your company. But unlike the first one, customer developer 3PL incorporates itself with the hiring business.
         Aside from choosing the best type, you’ll need to make sure that you will choose the best company also. Choose a name that you can call your own. Remember that it will affect your hard earned reputation in a great way. You must find a 3PL or home delivery logistics provider that settles for no less than excellence. With the assistance that you shall get when it comes to handling the logistics, you can keep your focus on the things that you do best.

Martes, Setyembre 17, 2013

Third Party Logistics as an All in One Solution

Shipping items whether large or small can be a dreary task. It is also time consuming and may result to a lot of stress. This is when the advantages of a third party logistics come in. Partnering with a company in third party logistics enhances the tracking and monitoring of the shipping containers. With decreased paperwork, it also boosts efficiency in relation to the integrated transportation and storage system. But it is actually more than that. Here are some of the best reasons why you should outsource a supply chain logistics. 

        1.      3PLs can leverage the relationships and volume discounts.
This will result in lower overhead and the fastest possible service. It also allows your company to benefit from resources which happens to be inaccessible to in-house. 

        2.      3PLs eliminate the need for you to spend or invest in warehouse space, technology, transportation and staffs.
Outsourcing logistics will save your company wealth and time. It will also allow your company to benefit with lower risk and higher return. 

        3.      3PLs results to scalability and flexibility.
It results to flexibility in a sense that it allows the freedom to scale space, labor and transportation in accordance to your inventory needs. If yours is a seasonal business, you can enjoy the stress-free transition between the ups and downs of the industry. 

       4.      3PLs provides resources at hand for improvements and adjustments.
With a third party logistics, you will get the assurance that all your needs are met. It uses the fastest and cost effective methods so you can make your desired adjustments anytime. It also allows the restructure of the supply chain and continuous improvements in the logistics process. It will also improve your services to your most valued customers. 

  5.      3PLs provides better booking options.
You can take advantage of increased ocean sailings every week since a 3PL can provide a variety of service levels. You can also have an important access on the performance reports. 

       6.      3PLs allows better warehousing and distribution
If you want your work to be lighter, you have to partner with a 3PL that you can trust. Check out to know about a nationally recognized company that you’ll be glad to work with. Improving your supply chain logistics is something that you have to pay attention to so you can acquire maximized profits and reduce the waiting time.